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Burning candle sets student flat on fire

Unattended bathroom candle set student bathroom alight. Credit: ITV Central

A student flat in Coventry was set on fire by a candle that was left unattended in the bathroom.

Three fire engines were called to Callice Court block in student accommodation, on Far Gosford Street, in the early hours of the morning (20th January), after the ground floor was set alight.

Residents in block B were evacuated as smoke travelled to the floor above.

It took less than an hour for fire crews to tackle the blaze, as they sprayed the flames with a hose and wore special breathing apparatus to help them work through the heavy smoke.

The fire engulfed the entire bathroom. Credit: ITV Central

The fire was caused by a candle which had been left unattended in the bathroom whilst the student had fallen asleep.

The fire expanded as it caught onto other products, which ended up setting fire to everything.

Coventry Fire Station has been giving residents advice. Credit: ITV Central

Fortunately, the fire was contained and there were no injuries, thanks to a working alarm and the accommodation's ventilation system.

Coventry fire station has given advice to residents following the fire.

"From the fire service, we ask you to never leave a candle unattended. Always put a candle out before you leave a room and always keep it on a solid surface so the heat cannot spread. It is also important to not leave them by a window where they could catch on a curtain."

– Ian Jones, Watch Commander for fire safety

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