Aston Villa appoint Women's first ever Sporting Director

Eni Aluko has been announced as Aston Villa's first ever Sporting Director for Women's Football.

As a Sporting Director, the 32-year-old will now oversee Aston Villa's Women's team, in the city where she grew up and "took her first steps in the game".

Aluko recently announced her retirement from playing football, after boasting an impressive career.

The former professional footballer has a wealth of experience under her belt, where she represented England 102 times, and played for Birmingham City, Chelsea, Juventus, and clubs in the United States.

“I’m very excited to transition into a Sporting Director role. I feel it’s something that I’m ready for at this point in my career. I’ve always been passionate about the women’s game, its development and setting cultures that drive excellence.

Eni Aluko, Sporting Director