Birmingham man put in isolation after returning from Wuhan with 'flu-like symptoms' sparks Coronavirus fears

A man from Birmingham has been put into isolation after returning from China with 'flu-like symptoms'.

39-year-old Drew Bennett returned home from Wuhan - the epicentre of the Coronavirus outbreak - on New Year's Eve.

He is currently in isolation at Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The Department of Health said there have been no confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK.

Mr Bennett's neighbour filmed the moment medics in hazmat suits arrived at his home to take him into isolation.

106 people have died from Coronavirus Credit: PA Images

106 people have died from the virus - the majority in the Hubei province - and the number of people infected has almost doubled in a day, reaching more than 4,500.

A spokesperson for Downing Street said the Foreign Office is urgently exploring options for British nationals to leave Hubei.

Meanwhile, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said on Tuesday the Government is "working on" how to bring people home from the Chinese city.

Officials estimate up to 200 UK citizens currently in the area will want to return to the UK.

Credit: BPM Media

Mr Bennett began feeling unwell after returning to Birmingham, believing it to be a serious case of the flu.

He visited his doctors on Monday 27 January for an unrelated matter, where his GP asked if he had visited China.

When it emerged he had, Mr Bennett was asked to return home.

An ambulance was sent to his home in Harborne and medics wearing hazmat suits took Mr Bennett into isolation at Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

"Once I got back I was really ill with, what I thought, was a bad case of the flu. At that stage coronavirus hadn't really been mentioned so I thought nothing of it. "However, when I went to the GP on Monday and he asked as a precaution if I had been to China, he seemed really concerned. "I was sent home and before I knew it, ambulances and people in hazmat suits had turned up. "I'm now in isolation at the QE and just waiting to get my blood test results. "I don't feel particularly unwell now, but I've not been 100 per cent since returning from Wuhan."Since I got over the worst symptoms I've been back to work, shopping, just normal life. "It's a really worrying time and not a nice experience."

Drew Bennett

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