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Nicola Payne disappearance: Search for answers continues nearly 30 years on

Nicola Payne went missing near her parents house in December 1991. Credit: BPM Media

A social media campaign has been launched to try to find information about a mother from Coventry who went missing nearly 30 years ago.

Nicola Payne who was 18-years-old disappeared while walking near her parents house in Coventry in December 1991.

A huge police operation was launched but despite numerous searches across the Warwickshire, she has never been found.

Police believe the mother-of-one was abducted and murdered.

The social media campaign involves a number of actors and celebrities posting photos of themselves holding a piece of paper with the hashtag #nicola91.

Old photographs of Nicola are also being shared.

Organisers say the aim is to give Nicola Payne 'a voice' and to raise awareness of her disappearance in the hope of returning her to her parents.

Credit: BPM Media

A number of people have been arrested over the disappearance of Nicola Payne but so far no one has been convicted.

Two men stood trial but were cleared over her murder in 2015.

Last year a reward for information about whereabouts was increased from £30,000 to £100,000.

Nicola's parents say they will never give up the search for their daughter.