Brexit: What is the EU Settlement Scheme?

The Home Office and the polish Expats Association have been running a pop-up event in Birmingham to raise awareness of the EU Settlement Scheme.

The EU Settlement Scheme is designed to guarantee the rights of EU, EEA or Swiss citizens and their families, to continue living and working in the UK after 30th June 2021.

EU nationals have up until the 30th June 2021 to apply for the scheme if they wish to continue to live in the UK.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed the official European Union Withdrawal Agreement on 24th January 2020. Credit: PA

If a citizen's application is successful, they will obtain a settled or pre-settled status, which can be viewed and updated online.

Settled status refers to citizens who have lived in the UK for a continuous five year period and started living in the UK by 31st December 2020.

The settled status means that they can reside in the UK forever without re-applying, however this can be taken away if they leave the UK for a period of five consecutive years.

Pre-settled citizens are people who started living in the UK by 31st December 2020 and do not have five years' continuous residence.

The pre-settled status will allow people to reside in the UK for five years, where they can re-apply for a settled status after this period.

If an application is unsuccessful, people may be able to apply for an administrative review of the decision and can apply again at any time until 30th June 2021.

What rights will EU citizens have with the scheme?

  • Work in the UK.

  • Use the NHS for free.

  • Enrol in education or continue studying.

  • Access public funds such as benefits and pensions (if eligible).

  • Travel in and out of the UK.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is from an EU country, currently living in the UK, and wants to carry on living in the UK, should apply for the EU Settlement Scheme.

This also includes people are aren't EU nationals, but have a family member who is.

Read more about the scheme and who can apply on the UK government website.