Police and Crime Commissioner voices rail safety fears

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, David Jamieson, has said he has fears over the safety of West Midlands Railway's service, with poor reliability and over-crowding being an issue for a number of months.

Mr Jamieson has asked the public to tell him of their experiences of the franchise and he says almost 1,500 people have responded to his online survey.

Some told of people fainting in packed carriages and others of people shouting and fighting to get off after being overwhelmed by the conditions.

Operator West Midlands Trains recently appointed a new boss, and the company says between December and January reliability and overall performance has improved.

But It's still facing a call from the West Midlands Mayor to be stripped of its franchise by the Department for Transport if things don't get better.

Andy Street will announce whether he'll pursue that threat on Monday. But David Jamieson says removing the franchise would take too long.

Mr Jamieson has convened a meeting next month for all sides to sit down and try to agree a way forward for the long term benefit of passengers.

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