Ian Paterson: Voices of the Victims

The Paterson Inquiry, launched in May 2018, published 15 recommendations today (4th February).

The investigation panel put forward its conclusions for consideration by the Government after a lengthy process, which involved hearing 177 first-hand accounts from disgraced surgeon Ian Paterson's victims.

Paterson was convicted in 2017 and sentenced to 15 years which was later increased to 20 years.

Today, some of Paterson's victims said they still felt angry, but hopeful about the outcome of the inquiry.

Johanna Thomson was operated on by Paterson just over a decade ago. She says she is still angry, but grateful and hopeful that something will be done to protect patients in the future.

Ann Butler was treated by Paterson in 2001. She says she feels positive about the outcome, but hopes the government implements the 15 recommendations set out today.

Sarah Jane Downing was operated on by Paterson in 1998. She says today’s outcome has left her with mixed emotions, but that the recommendations highlight important changes required to protect people.

Today Ian Paterson said in a statement through his solicitors that he maintains his innocence and is planning to appeal against his criminal convictions.