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How a £2 raffle ticket could win you a £545,000 countryside house

Credit: Michael Chatha

A family home worth nearly £550,000 is being raffled off - with tickets priced at £2 each.

Shrubbery Farmhouse, in Longnor, Shropshire was valued at £545,000 by estate agents, before the family who own it decided to take an alternative route to selling their house.

Credit: Michael Chatha

I had read about a few people that had tried raffling their house previously, but they were nearly all branded as a failure or dishonest.

So I was apprehensive to say the least and actually nearly gave up on the idea over Christmas.

Then a friend of mine said: "Mike, if you think you're good at Marketing, prove it." So I did.

– Michael Chatha, home owner

280,000 tickets have already been sold, and a draw will take place on 14 February. A random number generator will be used to find the winner, and the organisers say the draw will be witnessed by a solicitor and press representatives.

Any money raised above the value of the house, will go to charity.

Credit: Michael Chatha

The organisers maintain the sale is all being done in line with rules and regulations.

We are 100% legal and ethically correct too.

Firstly, we are categorised as a Prize Draw. The rules for such competitions are in the public domain and we are careful to follow them to the letter.

And secondly we have received zero complaints or concerns from Trading Standards, Gambling Commission, Local Authorities (or any other organisation for that matter).

In fact I had a few of my friends actually make contact with each of these organisations, and they all came back with a positive response.

– Michael Chatha, home owner
Credit: Michael Chatha

The sellers made £540,000 of ticket sales in seven days which they believe could make it a record breaking property raffle.

They say the overwhelming majority of tickets have been sold to UK residents, with around 60% coming from Shropshire and the West Midlands, although there are no bulk buyers of tickets.

The house is up for sale because the couple are divorcing after 25 years.