Charity finds second note left by a homeless man after he picked up a food parcel

Charity Help the Homeless Leicester have posted pictures online of touching notes they found from a homeless man, after he received one of their food parcels.

The notes were posted through the letter box at the Help the Homeless office, and the charity believe they know who the sender is.

Charity worker Arif Voraji said that they had left a food parcel out for the homeless man, knowing he would come back to their unit to pick it up.

The first note was posted on the Charity's Facebook page with the caption:

'?? When you find messages like this posted through the letterbox of your office ?'

Credit: PA Images
Credit: Help the Homeless Leicester

Help the Homeless Leicester run a weekly meal for the homeless at Leicester market, and regularly help with temporarily housing vulnerable people to take them off the streets.

The charity also has a shop in Leicester city centre.