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Elderly couple become internet sensation after their stolen purse appeal video goes viral

A Instagram mad couple have become internet sensations, by posting videos of their daily life together.

Geoffrey and Pauline Walker document their lives - doing the weekly shop, pottering in the garden and baking.

The couple from Thringstone near Coalville in Leicestershire started posting videos of daily life three years ago. Both in their late eighties, it was a way of keeping in touch with the family.

But a few days ago their followers soared after they posted a heartbreaking video of Pauline in tears after her purse was stolen.

Pauline wanted the purse back for for sentimental reasons, as she had items like a little notebook with all of her children's phone numbers in, and a piece of paper listing all the medications she can't take in her purse.

They now have more than 150,000 followers on Instagram and have been overwhelmed by the messages they've received from well-wishers, offering them flowers, replacement purses and donations.