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Police appeal for information after 70-year-old struck by car and left lying in the road

Credit: BPM Media

Police have released CCTV footage of a pensioner being hit by a car and left lying in the road.

Staffordshire Police want to find the driver who hit 70-year-old Allan Rafferty as he walked home in Stoke-on-Trent last month.

  • Mr Rafferty crosses the road
Credit: BPM Media
  • He can be seen approaching the pavement as the car comes around the corner and strikes him.
Credit: BPM Media
Credit: BPM Media
  • He's left lying in the road and the driver leaves the scene.
Credit: BPM Media

The next thing Mr Rafferty knew, he was waking up in hospital with no memory of what happened to him. He believed he'd fallen because of an ear infection.

It was only a few days later that memories of the collision started to return, and he went back to where it happened to check the CCTV of a local shop.

He was left with severe bruising.

My dad went to the shop and as he was walking home this car came round the corner at way more than 30mph and hit him.

You could see my dad bounce off the kerb. It's only a two-minute walk from where he lives.

At the time my dad had earache and he's going a little but deaf so he wouldn't have heard the car....

...To be honest it could have been a lot worse - he could have died.

His memory came back to him a few days later and he went to look at the CCTV. It left him feel physically sick. He said he never wanted to watch it again.

He's not been himself since it happened.

– Peter Shufflebotham, Allan's son

The incident took place on Thursday, January 16, on the Brownley Road junction with Community Drive in Smallthorne, Stoke-on-Trent.

Staffordshire Police say inquiries are ongoing and they're appealing for any information.

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