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What's it like to be suspected of having Coronavirus?

Drew Bennett had been on holiday to the Chinese city of Wuhan, which is at the centre of the outbreak.

When he got home and developed flu-like symptoms, medical staff dressed completely in biohazard suits escorted him from his house in Birmingham to an ambulance.

Mr Bennett was rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in the city. He spent three days in quarantine.

He was told that everything he'd touched might have to be burned.

Nobody could enter that room without full hazmat suits.

I could see their face through a clear mask, but they were breathing through apparatus which made it feel very strange.

Everything that was brought into the room had to stay there, so my food leftovers had to be kept in the room.

If I did have the virus everything within the room had to be closed.

– Drew Bennett

He didn't have coronavirus.

But he has concerns about what might happen if many more people were taken ill.

They dealt with it very very well. Very professional. I was quickly isolated, away from anybody.

If it was to escalate like it has in Wuhan it would be very difficult for the NHS to find resources and also isolation units.

– Drew Bennett