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RSPCA spends two hours rescuing fox with plastic bottle stuck on head

The fox had gotten stuck in Birmingham, on Wednesday (12 February) Credit: RSPCA

RSPCA officers spent two hours rescuing a fox who had a plastic bottle stuck on his head.

The animal collection officers spent two hours cornering and rescuing the fox who had gotten stuck in Birmingham, on Wednesday (12 February) after families spotted him in trouble.

“The large 2 litre bottle was missing the narrow neck so the fox had managed to push his head inside the cavity and got it stuck. Goodness knows how long he’d been like that but if he hadn’t have been spotted he would have died from dehydration and starvation, or could have even been hit and killed by a vehicle." “He was very distressed and confused but still gave us the run-around! It took us two hours before we were able to get him out from underneath a cabin, corner him and get him onto a grasper so we could safely remove the bottle." “Thankfully, he wasn’t injured so we released him there and then and he scarpered happily off into the undergrowth.”

– Animal collection officer, Victoria Hurr

Animal collection officer Adam McConkey also said: “We’ve seen a huge rise in the number of incidents of wild animals being injured or trapped due to plastic litter."

“It’s so important to cut down on the amount of plastic waste we’re using and to ensure our litter is properly disposed of so animals don’t pay the price for our waste,' he added.

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