Staying safe through Storm Dennis

Storm Dennis has been sweeping across the UK, bringing record-breaking gusts of wind up to 91mph - with the Midlands also feeling the effects of the storm.

The Met Office have issued a Yellow Wind Warning, and flood warnings are in place in many parts of the East and West Midlands.

If you're unsure how to best prepare for more stormy weather before it hits, here is some advice:

  • Make sure objects that could be blown away during the storm, like garden furniture, are secured down

  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked

  • Make sure any unnecessary electrical devices are unplugged

And here's some top tips for how to stay safe when the storm does hit:

  • Stay indoors, and don't go outside during the storm to repair any damages

  • Don't drive, unless your journey is really necessary. If you do have to drive, please note the government's advice for driving in adverse weather

  • If you do have to go outside, try not to walk too close to trees or buildings

If flooding occurs:

  • Avoid walking or driving through flood water.

  • Stay safe and listen to the advice of the emergency services and evacuate if told to do so.

  • Gather essential items together either upstairs or in a high place.

  • Fill jugs and saucepans with clean water.

  • Turn off gas, electricity and water supplies when flood water is about to enter your home and if safe to do so. DO NOT touch sources of electricity when standing in flood water.

After the storm, also be sure stay away from walls of buildings that might have been weakened by the storm, and only take photos of any damage when it's safe to do so.

For more information from the Met Office on how to stay safe during a storm, click here.

For information on flood warnings that are currently in force you can call the government's 24-hour Floodline on: 0345 988 1188.

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