A52 Clifton Bridge: Congestion and delays could continue until the end of the year

Lane closures on the A52 Clifton Bridge could continue to cause delays across Nottingham until the end of the year.

Repair work on Clifton Bridge began almost two weeks ago (6 February), but now Highways England have said that there is more damage than they initially thought.

After corroded steel was discovered in a routine inspection, the bridge was completely closed eastbound, as well as one lane westbound, resulting in heavy traffic and long delays.

One lane eastbound was reopened in a bid to ease congestion last week (12 February), but experts now say that lanes could be closed until the end of the year.

The news comes as a blow to the tens of thousands of motorists who use the road every day.

Highways England say that they are continuing with investigations and calculations. This is taking longer than first anticipated because in order to asses the level of damage that the bridge has undergone, they first have to remove a significant amount of concrete.

Catherine Brookes, regional director for Highways England says they will continue to prioritise the safety of motorists and staff who are working on the bridge.

This footage taken by Highways England shows how difficult conditions are for the teams who are working to repair the bridge.

Officials say there is limited light and access to the structure and that conditions are similar to working in a deep mine.