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Sheep saviour: Farmer filmed wading through floodwater to save livestock in Derbyshire

Faye Russell managed to save all of her sheep from the floodwater Credit: Faye Russell

A video has captured the dramatic moment a farmer in Derbyshire waded through waist-high floodwater to rescue her lambs and sheep.

Faye Russell sprang into action after a neighbour called to say some sheep and lambs were stranded following the torrential downpours brought by Storm Dennis.

The 26-year-old put on a long rope around her waist, which was then handed to her neighbour as she made her way through the freezing water.

Faye, who has around 300 sheep and lambs at her farm, admits she didn't expect the water to come so quickly on Sunday morning (16 Feb).

Despite the danger, she says she didn't think twice about saving her livestock.

You just do it, don’t you. I said to somebody “duty calls”. You put your life on the line for your animals, you really do. They come first in any farmer’s life. Any farmer will agree they come above yourself and above anything.

– Faye Russell

All of Faye's sheep and lambs were saved thanks to her quick-thinking and the help of her neighbours and team at the farm.

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