LGBTQ+ Month: Transgender rapper speaks of his fears when coming out

A transgender rapper and health worker from Wolverhampton says he was so scared to come out, that he thought he would have to live with anxiety and depression for the rest of his life.

Nate Ethan Watson, aged 35, says that he knew "he was meant to be a boy" from the age of five when he told his primary school friends in the playground about the way he felt.

This news was not received well and Nate felt as though he would be trapped in a body that he did not identify with for the rest of his life.

Nate reveals more:

Eventually he built up the courage to begin his transition process from female to male on 25 July 2018 whilst studying Public Health at the University of Wolverhampton.

He describes this moment as one of the highest points in his journey.

Nate before (left) and during (right) his transition process. Credit: Nate Ethan Watson

During the transition process Nate has been taking male hormones (testosterone) where he has seen significant changes such as the appearance of facial hair, more of a masculine facial structure, and a deeper voice.

Since then, he's been using his platform as a musician and health care worker to inspire others and assist in bringing transgender issues to the forefront of society.

Nate was invited to perform his single 'Like it or Not' in front of the Mayor of Wolverhampton in 2019. Credit: Nate Ethan Watson

On 28 March 2020 Nate will be launching a project in partnership with Wolverhampton LGBT+ Alliance and Inspiring Healthy Choices, which aims to alleviate the financial pressures of transitioning by offering a safe space for people to collect donated items of clothing.

The project is called TNB (Trans and Non-Binary) Connect and will be based at Paycare in Wolverhampton City Centre between 12 - 4pm.

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