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102-year-old war veteran injured in attempted burglary

A 102-year-old man fought off a burglar who tried to enter his home in Lincoln. Credit: BPM Media

WARNING: This article contains graphic images.

A 102-year-old war veteran has been injured after fighting off a burglar who tried to enter his home in Lincoln.

John Cox, who served in the Royal Armoured Corps, has lived at his home in Lincoln for 60 years with his wife Joan, who he met during the war

On Tuesday (February 18) at 1:45pm, a man who said he was there to check the lights tried to push his way past John - who realised that it was a scam and refused to let him in.

The man tried to get into the hallway, and John managed to wrestle him out of the door, but not without suffering a large gash in his arm.

It was my fault in one respect - we have a chain on and we were just in the back after breakfast and heard a knock on the side door, but it was locked. I said to my wife, Joan, that there was a knock at the door but she's a bit deaf. By the time I walked to the door the man was round the front. The door was locked, but like an idiot I left the door off the chain. The bloke got hold of my shoulders and pushed me into the hallway and I was pushed back about six feet because he was quite a beefy bloke. He wasn't very tall.

– John Cox

John said he was suspicious of the man at the door because he wasn't wearing a badge or any uniform.

He then told his wife Joan to ring the police, which prompted the intruder to try to force his way in.

He only realised he'd been injured after pushing the intruder out of the door.

John suffered a large gash in his arm as he fought the man off Credit: BPM Media

The couple's daughter Jill Andrews, 72, had been walking her dogs nearby when the incident took place.

She says she rushed to her dad's home straight away and was shocked at the scene that greeted her.

I came round straight away and it looked like someone had been murdered there was blood everywhere. I think the adrenaline took the pain away from him but his arm is so badly bruised. My dad was over the kitchen sink and it was full of blood. We had six huge towels wrapped round his arm to stem the blood until the ambulance got here. It was coming through it.

– Jill Andrews

John says he doesn't know how he managed to force back the man, but insists he was never going to let him get past him.

This is the second time in four months that the couple have been targeted - after a man claiming to be from the gas board made his way into their home and stole Joan's handbag.

Police are appealing for information Credit: BPM Media

My mum is terrified to answer the door and it's really got her down. I'm more angry than anything. My mum and dad lived in the age when you could leave your door open.

– Jill Andrews

Police are also investigating another robbery nearby, where a man pushed his way past a disabled woman in her 90s, before stealing cash and bank cards from her home.

A 47-year-old man from Lincoln has been arrested on suspicion of carrying out these two burglaries and other offences.

He's been released on bail and police are urging anyone with information to contact them

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