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Recruitment of LGBT+ police officers hits an all-time high

The force say that 17% of new applicants are from the LGBT+ community. Credit: PA

The number of LGBTQ+ people applying to join Nottinghamshire Police is at an all time high, with 17% of its new applicants coming from the LGBT+ community.

DC Julian Eminson-Ferry, who is openly gay, has been with Nottinghamshire Police since he left university seven years ago.

Julian admits that when he joined the force he didn't think his sexuality would be an issue, and it never has.

He says that his time with Nottinghamshire Police has been nothing but positive and he's encouraging others to join the as a result.

DC Julian Eminson-Ferry has been with Nottinghamshire police for seven years and says his sexuality has never been an issue. Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

Speaking about his experience in the police Julian said: “I have never had an issue with my sexuality and the work I do.

“I don’t consider myself to be obviously gay so I don’t think people necessarily make that connection, which may be why I don’t have issues when working in the community, where others might.

“But my work colleagues are all aware I am gay, and I have had nothing but positive support from them all. This is a really great force to be part of. And the fact they have an active LGBT+ Network is a real positive as this gives you the support should you need it.

New police officers as part of the Governments recruitment drive
of applicants going through the recruitment process are from the LGBT+ community

The Home Office's Operation Uplift campaign revealed that the force has recruited 107 new police officers since November, as part of the Government’s recruitment drive.

Applications opened last November and the force now has a total of 16.9% of its applicants going through the recruitment process from the LGBT+ community.

Nottinghamshire Police have a support network for LGBT+ members, The Network, who they say have helped to achieve the results.

I am glad Julian has had a positive experience in this force and that we as a Network have had a part to play in that. It is also very encouraging to see the numbers of LGBT+ people wanting to join our force.

We have a great Chief Officer Team who are supportive of us having a voice and being heard. I would encourage anyone from the LGBT+ community who wants to be a police officer to join our force and to join our Network too.

– PC Dai Holmes, spokesman for the force’s LGBT+ Network

The news that the number of LGBT+ people applying to join the force has risen came as "excellent" news to Nottinghamshire police.

Chief Constable Craig Guildford says that the force are committed to representing the people that they serve, which is why they aim to focus on diversity in the workforce.

He also added that during the recruitment process interest lies in the applicants ability to serve the public without fear of favour.

Our focus is on attracting and retaining the best people from a range of backgrounds to ensure that our workforce is truly representative of our local communities.

Having an increase in numbers of officers from LGBT+ backgrounds can only be a good thing and is one I very much welcome.

– Paddy Tipping, Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner