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Man pleads guilty following fatal arson attack in Coventry

Newing set fire to Mr Turner’s mobility scooter which was outside his home in Coventry. Credit: West Midlands Police

A man has pleaded guilty to manslaughter following the death of a man in a fire last year.

Richard Newing set fire to Malcolm Turner’s mobility scooter which was outside his home on Jenner Street, in Coventry.

In video footage released by West Midlands Police the flames can be seen spreading quickly before filling the property with smoke and blowing out the front windows.

Mr Turner, 69, relied on his scooter for mobility and could not get out of his home after the fire started as the blaze blocked the only exit.

Newing, 43, then walked away leaving the house in flames with Malcolm trapped inside.

Fire and rescue services were quick to respond but due to the fast spreading nature of the fire Malcolm died at the scene.

Newing pleaded guilty at Leamington Justice Centre Credit: West Midlands Police

Newing was then captured on CCTV moments later setting fire to a mattress outside a house on Foleshill Road.

The property instantly lit up in flames, but fortunately the occupants were able to escape via a back exit.

Newing was arrested two days later after officers spotted him in Coventry city centre. He was charged with man slaughter and arson with intent to danger life.

Newing confessed to knowing Malcolm in a police interview. Credit: West Midlands Police

The motive to Newing's attacks is still unclear, but he later confessed to knowing Malcolm after drinking with him in a pub prior to the attack.

Newing pleaded guilty at Leamington Justice Centre to manslaughter and arson being reckless as to whether life would be endangered. He will be sentenced on Friday 3 April.