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More homes evacuated as flooding continues to hit the Midlands

A number of flood warnings remain in place across the UK. Credit: GOV.UK

With parts the Midlands still underwater we're taking a look at the areas that have been hit the hardest.


River levels remain extremely high in Ironbridge near Telford.

Residents have been evacuated as The Environment Agency are expecting flooding of properties on the Wharfage as water rises above the temporary flood defences.

The Severn is predicted to peak at 6.7 to 7.0m this evening (Tuesday) at Buildwas.

The flood defences in Ironbridge are expected to be overtopped during the night (25 February). The Environment Agency say the river Severn is at its highest in 20 years- and river levels continue to rise.


Flooding also continues in Shrewsbury, where the River Severn has reached record levels. Areas expected to be affected are:

  • Gravel Hill Lane
  • Sydney Avenue
  • Victoria Avenue
  • A458 Smithfield Road
  • A528 Coton Hill
  • Roushill
  • B5067 Berwick Road
  • Chester Street
  • Longden Coleham
  • Frankwell
  • St Julians Friar car parks

The bus station and access to Riverside medical practice is also affected.

The Environment Agency are warning of a prolonged peak at Welshbridge, with water levels of 5.1m to 5.4m, this evening (Tuesday).

Passengers should be prepared to expect delays and cancellations throughout the day if they are travelling from Birmingham to Shrewsbury.

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Meanwhile Worcestershire County Council urged motorists to collect their vehicles if they were left in Worcester City Car Parks, before flooding hit and they were unable to get out.

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Flood warnings are also in place in Bewdley.

Worcestershire County Council have closed the bridge to pedestrians as well as motorists and flood defences remain in place.

Flooding of properties, roads and farmland continues to affect Riverside North including the road to Lickhill Manor and Acacia Avenue, Bewdley, the access road to Lickhill Caravan Park and the Walkway, property and gardens at Severnside and Stourport.

River levels are expected to continue to rise today and peak at Bewdley between 5.5 and 5.6m on Wednesday afternoon (26 February).

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The Government are urging people to avoid flood water and dial 999 if they find themselves in immediate danger.

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