Homeless man reunited with dog after she was taken while he was in hospital

A homeless man from the West Midlands has been reunited with his dog after she was taken from him.

Alan, who is well known in Sutton Coldfield area, was taken to get Trixy back yesterday evening (Thursday).

A group on Facebook called "Finding Trixy" which was set up by locals to reunite the two, received a phone call from someone who had been looking after Trixy.

Alan had suffered a fit whilst waiting for the bus near Perry Park and was subsequently taken to hospital via ambulance on February 12.

He was left 'distraught' after leaving hospital to find that his dog was missing.

A man had taken the Black Staffordshire Bull Terrier from the ambulance crew.

However, he couldn't keep the dog so gave it to his friend to look after and Trixy had been well cared for.

The man got in contact with group seeing Alan's story on ITV News and was able to reunite Alan and Trixy together.

Alan recorded a heartfelt message appealing to anyone to help find Trixy days ago.

Joanne Miles created the group and it gained almost 3,000 members.

Posting on the group she said: "Thank you all so so much for your help, support, prayers, suggestions and comments. We are so happy Trixy is back."

Credit: Facebook/Joanne Miles

Alan and Trixy are now in temporary accommodation, but Joanne says that they still come to Streetly to visit.

Trixy has now been reunited with her owner Alan. Credit: Joanne Miles

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