Truck-load of rubbish found dumped on Dunstall Lane near Tamworth

The deputy leader of Tamworth Borough Council says better laws are needed to catch fly-tippers after a truck-full of rubbish was found dumped on a country lane near Tamworth and Lichfield.

Lichfield District Council was called out on Monday morning (March 2) to clear a huge pile of rubbish that appeared overnight blocking Dunstall Lane in Hopwas.

The mound of junk included a fridge freezer, buckets, bin bags, old carpet, rubble and a bin full of human waste.

Councillor Rob Pritchard, who is also a member of Tamworth Volunteer Litter pickers, is outraged and describes fly-tipping as an "environmental crime".

"The rural areas around the town are being dumped on a weekly basis by people who are cutting corners and/or can't be bothered to drive to the tip.

Councillor Rob Pritchard, deputy leader of Tamworth Borough Council

The cabinet member for recycling and leisure at Lichfield District Council, Councillor Liz Little, said "Fly-tipping is a criminal offence that is both unsightly and expensive to clear up".

Lichfield District Council are now looking for evidence of who dumped the waste, and are seeking to prosecute if they can identify them.