School closed for cleaning after staff member tests positive for Coronavirus

A primary school in Tamworth is to be closed on Monday (9th March) after a staff member there tested positive for Coronavirus.

St Gabriel’s Primary School will be deep cleaned, despite the risk of picking up the virus being very low.

Staffordshire County Council says the staff member hasn't been at the school in 10 days, but was diagnosed with the virus at the weekend.

“After speaking to both Public Health England and Staffordshire County Council we have been told that due to the length of time the risk of picking up the virus now is very low." “However, as a precaution and to reassure parents, we have decided to have the premises cleaned before reopening as quickly as possible." “There is no need for parents, staff or children to take any further action and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause." “The staff member is at home recuperating and St Gabriel’s sends them all of our best wishes for a speedy recovery.”

John Hayes, Headteacher

“While we understand that parents may be anxious, the reality is that the risk to those at the school and indeed everyone in Staffordshire remains relatively low."

Dr Richard Harling, Staffordshire County Council