Day 1: ITV Central's Bob Warman starts self-isolation

ITV News Central presenter Bob Warman went into self-isolation yesterday (March 17) following social distancing advice from the government to over-70s.

Although he is showing no coronavirus symptoms, he is now staying at home as a precaution for the next 12 weeks.

Bob will be working from home where he can and has promised to keep us up to date through video updates.

Speaking to us today, Bob told us that there's a novelty value to being at home, but he expects that it will wear off.

He said that he's going to make a plan to keep him occupied which will include taking a good walk each day- whatever the weather!

Like many people who have went into isolation, Bob says he's going to spend time clearing his todo list.

He's vowed to write a letter each day to relatives and friends who he's not spoken to for a long time, or lost contact with.

He's worried that the coronavirus outbreak could last for a long time and urged everyone to keep safe and carry on washing their hands.

Here's what Bob had to tell us today: