Derby yoga studio is offering remote classes via video call

A yoga class in Derby will still go ahead despite the Covid-19 outbreak, but with a twist.

Businesses are being told they need to be flexible to deal with the uncertainty ahead, and the fitness industry is no different.

The Breathing Space Yoga Studio is rising to the challenge and has set up the option of joining classes remotely via video call.

Their classes are now being increasingly streamed online to members. The idea is to get those at home who are self isolating, or who don't want to run the risk, to continue to feel part of the community.

Many people have decided to take up yoga in the New Year to have a clearer mind Credit: ITV News Central

The company say that if they're forced to close due to coronavirus then at least they now have a plan B, meaning their classes can continue.

Their first live online session took place yesterday (March 17) and they received positive feedback from clients, meaning they're now planning to run classes most days.

They say the yoga sessions are important for many people's mental health, and the online sessions will be an essential way of trying to stay in business during the pandemic.

There's an acceptance that the studio could fully close, but some members are determined to keep taking part in person for as long as possible.

For others, the video sessions are the only choice they have.

But even with the online classes, theres a still a deep concern for the future of this studio.

The business is only 6 months old and co owners Christine and Bel never imagined they would need something like this to give them a fighting chance.

For now they're planning for the worse, but hoping for the best.