Four convicted over membership of banned group National Action

Four people have been convicted of being members of the banned far-right terrorist group National Action.

Alice Cutter, 23, denied being part of the group after it was banned in December 2016.

Evidence had shown that she had exchanged hundreds of messages and attended various meetings with other members after proscription.

Her former fiance Mark Jones, 25, was also convicted along with Garry Jack, 24, from Birmingham and Connor Scothern, 19, of Nottingham.

All four were found guilty after a retrial at Birmingham Crown Court today (March 19).

Alice Cutter was convicted of being a member of banned far-right terrorist group National Action. Credit: West Midlands Police

The ex-couple called themselves "national socialists" and exchanged racist and anti-Semitic messages, including joking about gassing synagogues.

Cutter, a waitress also had a picture of Holocaust victim Anne Frank on her phone with the caption: "What's that smell - oh it's my family burning."

The court heard how, she entered a Miss Hitler beauty pageant under the name Miss Buchenwald - a reference to the Second World War death camp.

Jones had photographs on his phone of material resembling ash in clear plastic bags, with signs reading "dead Jew child".

Shortly after the group's ban, the 23-year-old sent her lover at the time a message stating she was 'worried' about their future.

Mark Jones. Credit: West Midlands Police
Garry Jack (left) and Connor Scothern (right) were also convicted of being National Action members. Credit: West Midlands Police

A series of counter terrorism raids lead to the four's arrest.

All four were remanded into custody and will be sentenced at a date to be fixed.