'Harmful' hand sanitizer seized by Trading Standards

A bag of potentially harmful hand sanitizer have been seized from a trader in Birmingham.

Trading Standards Enforcement Officers discovered 51 bottles on Thursday (March 19).

The sanitizers were being sold at £5 per bottle - with some believed to have contain an ingredient called glutural.

Other bottles had no labelling at all.

51 bottles of potentially harmful hand sanitizer were seized by Trading Standards Officers. Credit: Birmingham City Council

Glutural was banned for human use in 2014 and it can be used in cleaning products.

It had previously been used by the NHS to clean surgical tools and surfaces.

However, it was subject to a non-approval decision under the EU Biocidal Products Regulations for use in Product Type 1 – Human Hygienedisinfectants back in April 2014.

Those products were no longer allowed to be marketed after May 2015 for use in hand sanitizers etc.

Some of the bottles had inconsistency in the labelling. Credit: Birmingham City Council

Trading Standards said due to the 'inconsistency' of labelling they were not able to know whether the bottles contained the banned ingredient glutural.

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