Singer Liam Payne helps over 100 food bank centres

Ex One Direction singer, Liam Payne, has donated money to the Trussel Trust Charity to help over one hundred food bank centres during the coronavirus outbreak.

The food banks in the Midlands that have been helped by the singer's donation include centres in Birmingham, Stoke-on-Trent, Coventry and Nottingham. Other centres are in Sheffield and Bristol.

The charity has warned that there is a high demand for food banks as a result of the pandemic, particularly for those who are not eligible for sick pay or have unstable jobs.

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Payne's donation will be used to launch a crisis fund for food banks to help with recruiting additional staff, hiring delivery vehicles or extra space (if necessary) and for buying food.

Trussel Trust have warned that there is a higher need for food banks as a result of the pandemic. Credit: PA Images.

"The Trussell Trust is working with food banks across the country to ensure emergency help is there for people who don't have money for the basics.

Liam Payne, Singer

The chief Executive of Trussel Trust said that the charity is "so grateful to Liam for his generous donation" which will "provide the best possible emergency help to people referred at an uncertain time".

The Trust is currently working with food banks across the country to make sure that food supplies are delivered to people in crisis in the safest way possible.