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"We will come through this": Elderly couple send singing video to family

Rex and Selina Taylor, both in their eighties, decided to send a message to their family of them singing Vera Lynn's wartime song 'We'll Meet Again. Credit: BPM Media

An elderly couple from Derbyshire have sent a video of them singing Vera Lynn to their family to say "We'll Meet Again."

Rex and Selina Taylor haven't left the house in two weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic, and decided to send a message to their family of them singing Vera Lynn's wartime song 'We'll Meet Again."

Rex said: "It was just a bit of fun really, we were sat here and we thought it would be nice to let people know that, it's not easy, but we aren't too bad."

"We have got (virtual assistant) Amazon Alexa and we asked it to find something from Vera Lynn, that song came up and we thought it's just perfect."

The couple, who are both in their eighties, have been married for more than 60 years, and are still "very much in love."

Selina Taylor, 83, has Alzheimer's Disease, and Rex said they've had to keep to a routine while in lockdown as a result, and that they often sing together to settle Selina down when she gets agitated.

Rex said: "She gets worked up at certain times, so I come and sit with her and we hold hands and sing to each other. It settles her down."

He added that he had a message of hope for everyone due to the lockdown, wanting people to remember that "we will come through this."

"We will come out of this and we will be a better place, unfortunately we will have lost people which is very sad."

"As long as people do what we are doing and try not to spread it, it stops people dying when they don't need to."

"Do as your told and let's stick to it, but most importantly, keep your chin up - we are going to come out of this."

– Rex Taylor

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