Life in self-isolation: Bob Warman's weekly view

By Bob Warman, ITV Central Presenter

I know from talking to some people in lockdown that they're feeling more anxious as the days turn into weeks. I share some of that concern, who wouldn't?

And with the prospect that this could go on for some time we have to adopt a day-by-day mindset. So, I take my time with a second cup of coffee over breakfast, and a longer than usual read of the newspaper.

I like to take a longish walk that but that can wait until later in the day, especially as the evenings are getting lighter.

Replying to emails can occupy me for hours but staring at a screen gets tedious although I did get one from a long lost pal, and at his request I went in search of a photograph when I came across an ITV relic from 32 years ago !

Watch my latest weekly update while I'm at home below:

I'll be back with another update next Wednesday.

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