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Police come to the rescue of a stranded NHS nurse after their car breaks down

Police jump start the stranded nurse's car Credit: Leicestershire Police

Two PCSOs in Leicester 'jumped' to the rescue of an NHS nurse stranded in a city centre car park, after their car broke down.

The nurse wasn’t able to start their car having accidentally left the lights on during the day while parked, leading to a flat battery.

Leicestershire Police PCSOs Phil Grimwood and Anna Parker received the call whilst on patrol.

They alerted Neighbourhood Patrol Officer PC Luke Eden-Walker who sourced some jump leads from his own vehicle and delivered them down to the scene in the Bannatyne’s Car Park in Welford Road.

A jump start from the police patrol car meant the nurse was able to get their car started and go home.

“The last thing [the nurse] wanted after a busy shift at the hospital was to be left stranded in a dark car park.

“Thankfully a few quick radio messages back to the police station and we were able to sort it all out.

“Our colleagues in the NHS are doing a fantastic job and we were just pleased to be able to help.”

– Inspector Adam Archer, Area Commander for Central Neighbourhood Policing Area

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