Clap for carers: People around the Midlands applaud key workers during coronavirus outbreak

People across the Midlands showed their admiration and respect for key workers last night (April 2), by applauding the heroes that continue to work during these tough times.

Residents, the fire service and police paused what they were doing at 8pm to come out and clap for not only NHS workers but all of those in key roles - including delivery drivers, supermarket staff, postal workers and others.

Some people put on creative displays to show their respect, such as the West Midlands Police, Fire, and Ambulance Service who executed a 'blue-light salute' for workers at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire:

Many people took to twitter to show their appreciation for key workers with the hashtag #ClapForCarers #ClapForKeyWorkers and #StayHomeSaveLives.