73-year-old coronavirus survivor from Derby tells people to stay at home

A 73-year-old grandad from Derby has survived coronavirus and is urging the public to stay at home.

Doug Williams from Chaddesden was infected with the virus after his early return from a Caribbean Cruise with his wife.

Mr Williams and his wife had been "pretty much locked" in their cabins "with not much fresh air" when the cruise ship was ordered to turn back from the Caribbean and docked in Southampton around March 13.

The symptoms:

Mr Williams suffered a headache whilst on board the cruise ship and a day after his return he was struggling to breathe and had a temperature before he was admitted to hospital.

Doug Williams was admitted to hospital after struggling to breathe. Credit: BPM Media.

Mr Williams praises NHS staff:

The Derby grandad spent seven days at Royal Derby Hospital on oxygen in a high risk unit and "cannot fault the care" of NHS staff who helped him during his time there.

Mr Williams says NHS nurses checked on him every 30 minutes and as it was early days the hospital knew he was coming in and were waiting for him.

Mr William's wife told him to just be positive. Credit: BPM Media

Mr Williams' daughter Sharon Williams says she wasn't allowed to see him in hospital and found the experience "surreal" as "he had no health conditions; he was very fit".

The coronavirus survivor says he feels "disgusted" at seeing people continuing to gather during the pandemic and is urging people to stay at home.

Mr William is now resting at home.

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