COVID-19 safety videos launched in 14 different languages

Safety videos in 14 different languages have been launched today to emphasise to communities across Leicester how to protect themselves from the coronavirus pandemic.

Staff from Leicester City Council’s community languages service have translated the NHS ‘Stay at Home’ poster into some of the languages spoken widely in Leicester, including Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Somali, Arabic, Polish, Slovak, Farsi and Mandarin, as well as a version in English.

The council has been working with the local company Shrinker, to turn the information into a series of 40 to 45-second videos, to help get the public safety message to communities who otherwise might be hard to reach.

The messages in the videos reflect the ongoing Government and NHS safety advice, reminding people to stay at home wherever possible, and only leave for urgent reasons such as getting food or medical supplies, daily exercise or medical care, or to work.

It also explains the importance of continued social distancing – keeping two metres away from other people at all times – when doing so.

Leicester City Mayor Peter Soulsby said getting the public health message out to people throughout the city is “vital". He added it will give them the "best chance to stay safe and well during this pandemic".

Getting the public health message across to people across the city is "vital". Credit: Pictures from Leicester City Council / Youtube