A little girl in Newcastle-under-Lyme is enjoying lockdown with two new friends.

Ducklings Thunder and Nugget are usually residents at the Belong Care Village where they're used in pet therapy sessions to help patients with dementia.

The pair were hatched at the centre as part of a 'living eggs' project in the lead-up to Easter.

From birth, Thunder and Nugget required around-the-clock care, and at weekends experienced staff would take them home to care for them.

When colleagues had to self-isolate due to coronavirus, the care village's Lead Senior Support Worker, Anna Malbon, and her 2 year-old daughter Ella-Rose, took the ducklings home to look after them for the weekend.

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, the ducklings have now been staying with the family much longer than first expected.

The use of animals is popular when caring for people with dementia and the centre have previously welcomed dogs and even ponies through their doors.

Before they went into isolation, residents were enjoying stroking, bathing and loving the new ducklings, especially those who come from farming backgrounds.

Thunder and Nugget will eventually be returned to the Belong Care Village on a permanent basis and will enjoy their new home enclosure which is currently being built.

Anna added that Ella-Rose knows she is always welcome to visit her new friends at the Belong centre.