Meet the exercise coach who is home working with her whole street in Worcestershire

A street fitness class has taken neighbours by storm in Hollywood in Worcestershire.

Professional fitness coach Stella had to stop work due to the coronavirus outbreak and is now, quite literally, working from home.

Residents living on Cherry Walk come out onto their driveways almost every day to join in with Stella's exercise class.

The fitness enthusiast says it's really important to try and keep some normality and being able to come outside and exercise is vital for mental and physical health.

She says that she talked about the idea with a few residents, but they didn't take much convincing to get involved and now almost the whole street has started taking part.

The lockdown has impacted everyone in different ways and Stella believes that a small amount of exercise each day can make all the difference.

She added that it's hard for some parents at the moment with their kids being off school and this was a way for the whole family to burn off some energy together.

Outside of the class Stella says that community spirits are high, with neighbours checking in on each other regularly and making sure that those who are vulnerable are looked after.