ITV News Central weather presenter Des Coleman joins Bob Warman in self-isolation

ITV News Central presenter Des Coleman has gone into self-isolation as a precaution during the Coronavirus outbreak.

In November 2018 he fell seriously ill with a gastric tumour and was rushed to hospital where he had an emergency operation.

Now, although fully recovered, the NHS has advised him to self-isolate for three months.

He assures us that he is in great health, and that it is just a precaution given the amount of blood transfusions he received during his illness.

He's going to start by pottering in the garden and fixing things round the house.

Bob Warman has already spent a month in self-isolation, following NHS guidelines for the over 70s.

Credit: ITV News Central

We've been checking in on him regularly and he's been sharing his tips on using his extra free time.

His best advice is to slow down and do everything more thoroughly than ever!

Des will be keeping a close eye on the weather forecast from home, and ITV Central will be supported by the rest of the ITV weather team.

He may even work out how to bring the forecast to you from his living room!