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Intensive care nurse unable to work after car and glasses stolen in burglary

Sarah Banks' VW Golf GTI was stolen while she slept Credit: Sarah Banks

An intensive care nurse has been left unable to work after thieves broke into her house and stole her car and handbag.

Sarah Banks was asleep after a gruelling 14-hour shift when her Volkswagen Golf was stolen from her home in Bromsgrove.

Her handbag contained her glasses - so she now has to wait for a new set before she can work again - preventing her from saving more lives.

Sarah thinks they entered the property by climbing over the fence in her garden.

They then smashed open a lock around the back of the house - while she was sleeping upstairs.

The thieves smashed locks in Sarah's back garden and broke in to the house Credit: ITV News Central

Sarah's car is worth over £30,000, and was stolen along with her handbag.

Inside that were her glasses which she needs to work. So now she's physically prevented from saving lives. The only thing they left on the table was her NHS pass.

Sarah's NHS pass was left on her kitchen table Credit: ITV News Central

Sarah hasn't seen her children for three weeks now because of her work commitments.

But despite what's happened she's still determined to put others before herself, and get back to working on the frontline, where, no doubt she'll be needed.

Sarah took a selfie after her 14-hour shift, before her car was stolen that night Credit: Sarah Banks

West Mercia Police say they're investigating the theft.

The victim, a nurse who I can confirm works on a Covid-19 hospital ward, is now without vital transport. It is not an exaggeration to say that this disgraceful and selfish act has put lives at risk at a time when we all rely on the wonderful work our NHS staff are doing. If you have any information about this offence, or saw anything suspicious in Catshill between 10pm on Monday 6 April and 9.30am on Tuesday 7 April, please call the police on 101 and quote incident number 0117s of 7 April 2020.”

– Superintendent Rebecca Love, West Mercia Police
Sarah's car was stolen from her driveway Credit: Sarah Banks