Huge flytip dumped next to sign which highlights consequences of flytipping

Flytippers have dumped a huge pile of rubbish right in front of a sign warning of prison sentences or a massive fine for offenders.

The sign, which says people leaving junk at the site could be sent to jail for five years, or fined £50,000, also warns that mobile CCTV may be covering the location in Leicestershire.

The huge dump off Keyham Lane East, near Scraptoft, includes a bath, mattresses, bed frames, broken mirrors, toys and general household waste.

The rubbish was dumped in front of a sign warning of the consequences of flytipping Credit: BPM Media

A local councillor has described the tip as 'disgusting', and said that Harborough District Council are aware of the fly-tip and are trying to trace the culprits

The dump site is next to the Natural Burial Company’s Scraptoft Burial Ground. Credit: BPM Media

Cllr Galton appealed to anyone who had information about the flytippers to contact Harborough District Council.

Earlier this year, the council spent £20,000 removing 45 tonnes of rubbish from the biggest fly-tip dump they had ever seen.

It took workers three days, and used a convoy of trucks to remove all the rubbish on two hidden access roads off the A6 between Kibworth and Great Glen.