NHS worker unable to get to work after thieves damage car

An NHS worker was unable to get to work after she woke to find that thieves had ripped her car apart overnight.

Rosie Bentley is a respiratory physio in Birmingham. She says she was leaving her house to head to work when she discovered that her car's window had been smashed and the bonnet had been stripped.

I was left with no car to get to work with, meaning I lost valuable hours doing my job during this pandemic! To the people who ripped my car apart - I hope you somehow see this and will think again, especially if you or your loved ones have been affected by this horrible virus or are ever in need of NHS care. >

Rosie Bentley, NHS worker
Rosie is a respiratory physio in Birmingham Credit: Rosie Bentley
Rosie urging others to watch out for stolen parts Credit: Rosie Bentley

The car was a red, 16 plate Vauxhall Corsa and it was stolen from the B17 postcode area. Rosie is asking everyone to keep an eye out for any stolen parts and warning others to be vigilant.

The incident comes just weeks after vandals in Leicestershire targeted the car of a volunteer who was helping to deliver essential supplies to vulnerable people during the pandemic.