Children's coronavirus audio book illustrated by Gruffalo artist

This is a confusing time for us all, but for youngsters it's even harder to understand what's happening, and why.

Now a free online book explaining all about coronavirus has been produced especially for young children - with sketches by the same artist who illustrated the much-loved Gruffalo books.

Stuck at home in Birmingham, mum Alison, who works in communications, decided to make life easier for other parents, so she recorded an audio version of the book - and gave daughter Asha a starring role.

"It's just important to do something to contribute. It's so confusing for kids of Asha's age because she's been taken out of pre-school, she can't see her friends anymore except on the iPad it's very confusing for her - so lots of other kids must be in the same position."

Paul Yates, Asha's dad

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