DIY stores reopen to long queues during lockdown

Hundreds of people queued to shop at newly-reopened DIY stores across the Midlands.

75 B&Q stores around the UK reopened, with shorter opening hours than usual trading, including the weekend. Social distancing measures were still in place, both outside and in-store.

Hardware stores were exempt from the businesses and venues ordered by the government to remain closed - B&Q took the decision to close.

Some parts of the stores were closed, such as paint-mixing and bathroom design, and customers could only pay by card or contactless.

Under the coronavirus lockdown rules, people can only go shopping for essential items like food and medicine.

The store in Stoke Credit: BPM Media

But not everyone was happy to see the stores reopen.

The queues continued at other stores across the Midlands - these were the scenes outside one in Derby.

Now new advice from the National Police Chiefs Council states shoppers can "buy tools and supplies to repair a fence panel damaged in bad weather."

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