Eleven-year-old's 'Random Idea Generator' is a hit in lockdown around the world

Sam Bennett from Oldbury in Sandwell, designed his 'Amazing Random Idea Generator' also known as the 'Randomiser', in February half term to inspire children and their parents during the holidays.

When the current restrictions were put in place, Sam added lots more ideas which can be done at home or in the garden. His site has now had tens of thousands of hits from more than 50 countries around the world.

Sam has always been creative Credit: Rachel Conlisk

Sam has set up his generator so it chooses a suggestion from hundreds of activities - and if you don't like the first thing it comes up with, you can click again. Activities range from making a blanket fort (Sam's favourite) to playing board games, making slime, rock painting and the odd sneaky one, like tidying your bedroom.

Sam created the online version in February when he was bored Credit: www.whatshallwedo.co.uk

The youngster who wants to be a scientist and an entrepreneur when he's older said the generator was initially made out of cardboard and glue before he gave it an upgrade and put it on the web.

Sam making giant bubbles, one of the ideas on his generator Credit: Rachel Conlisk
One of the ideas on Sam's website Credit: Sam Bennett

Sam's had lots of people suggesting their own activity ideas for the generator, which he has added. He's also set up a directory of live streams and classes currently running plus one for days out, for when things get back to normal. In the future he says he'd love to turn his website into an app.