New police recruit named after NHS fundraising hero Captain Tom Moore

West Midlands Police latest recruit has been named after NHS fundraising hero Captain Tom Moore.

The force had set up an online vote to name the two-month-old pup after NHS Heroes.

Their Capt Tom, a Dutch Herder, was chosen to share the name due to having Yorkshire roots just like the soon-to-be centenarian.

Following the vote, it was clear who the winner was, with an 'overwhelming majority' the winner was the name suggestion of Capt Tom Moore.

The pooch will now go through our world renowned puppy development programme with a view to being fully operational next year.

They're hoping the new recruit - who will be affectionately known as Tommy - will also make a big difference to help others in future.

West Midlands Police will be revealing the names of their other young NHS Heroes pups on Monday (April 27).

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