"We miss you!" Teachers sing emotional song for their students

Staff at one of Lincoln’s biggest schools have lifted spirits across the county with an emotional rendition of a famous Les Misérables track.

Teachers and support staff at Sir Francis Hill Primary School belted out the beloved classic ‘On My Own’ from the award-winning musical, which has touched hearts on the stage and big screen.

They reworked the lyrics to explain to their pupils why they were having to stay indoors and insisted that while they missed them, it was better to be apart during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Twenty-four members of staff warmed up their vocal chords in a bid to deliver their best performance of the classic, which was recorded and then posted online.

And staff were blown away by the response, which saw the video viewed nearly 10,000 times and shared by dozens of people.

Gareth Nichols, headteacher at the school which has more than 500 students, said it is the latest in a long line of staff challenges they have been performing to stay in touch with their students.

The video sparked a wave of support and emotion from people across the city and beyond.

The City of Lincoln Council shared the video on their Facebook page, saying: "We love this! Thank you to all our key workers, you're doing an amazing job during this difficult time."