Thieves who stole bikes from NHS staff in Nottingham jailed

Two men who admitted to stealing bikes belonging to NHS staff at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham have been jailed for a combined total of nearly 6 years.

David Moran, 35, and Aaron Lancaster, 29, were jailed after being charged in connection with the burglary at a cycle storage unit on 25 March.

Today, at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court, the pair were each sentenced to two years and ten months in prison after pleading guilty to all charges, as well as further counts of bike theft and burglary with intent to steal.

Nottinghamshire Police say when they tried to arrest the men, Lancaster assaulted an officer and resisted arrest.

The force say Moran was also sentenced for assaulting an emergency worker after he threatened to ‘knock out’ officers and threatened to spit at the officer when he was detained.

Judge Timothy Spencer QC said the men appeared before the court as ‘quite rightly, ashamed’ of their actions:

Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham Credit: PA Images

Chief Superintendent Robert Griffin said: “Their crimes are nothing short of deplorable and I am very pleased with today’s result.”

He added: “Our colleagues in the NHS are putting themselves at risk every day in the fight against Covid-19 and for them to have had this happen to them is disgusting.”

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