Key workers from across Nottinghamshire have come together to record a video following a spate of over 60 incidents where frontline workers have been coughed on or spat at while dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak.

It's had the backing of the fire service, East Midlands Ambulance Service, police and NHS workers, and it features key workers talking about their essential work, as well as telling the story of the mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters behind the uniform and shedding light on the effects that the assaults have had on their loved ones

PC Anthony Brice from Nottinghamshire Police has opened up about the catalogue of emotions he felt following this attack which came amid the Coronavirus lock down, leaving him fearing he may have the deadly disease.

Yesterday, two sisters from Retford were sentenced to a combined total of ten months in prison after they assaulted four police officers who gave them a warning for breaching Covid-19 lockdown regulations.

Meanwhile, Temisan Orit-sejafor, from Coventry, now faces a jail term for spitting in an officer's face. This assault was captured on police body cam.

Chief Superintendent Rob Griffin at Nottinghamshire Police says: “Assaults of this kind are completely unacceptable. To treat our officers with complete contempt and disrespect when they are just trying to do their job, putting themselves at risk to protect people from Coronavirus is a despicable act... Anyone found committing these disgraceful acts will be held as an example and treated with the utmost severity."