Derby nurse raises community spirits with local celebrity "Bradley the Bear"

A nurse from Derbyshire has been surprising her local community by dedicating her front garden to honour key workers and community champions during the lockdown.

Every day at 5am, Derby Hospital Nurse Emma Bailey wakes up and sneaks out into her front garden to prepare the theme for the day.

She dresses Bradley the Bear - who is now a local celebrity - in a different outfit every day and surrounds him with themed props to keep residents in Hatton entertained during this challenging time.

Bradley entertains his neighbours even in the rain! Credit: Facebook @bradleybear

Bradley the Bear first made an appearance on April 5 where she wrote on Facebook 'a big brown bear escaped from the house and went swimming in the garden'.

Day 1 featured Bradley the Bear escaping from the house to go swimming. Credit: Facebook @bradleybear.

He is now on his 30th costume and set change and as time goes on Emma is getting more adventurous with her ideas.

The 41-year-old has paid tribute to essential and key workers by dressing Bradley in outfits associated with their work along with thank you messages.

One tribute was made for the staff at the Good Life Pharmacy in the village.

Emma paid tribute to her local pharmacy on day 6. Credit: Facebook @bradleybear.

Emma has also paid tribute to window cleaners, postal workers, staff at the local fire station and local police force.

On day 20 Bradley said a big thank you Thank You’ to local Firefighters and Police. Credit: Facebook @bradleybear

The creative mother-of-two also sends appreciation messages to members of the community who pass her house through personalised displays, as well as shout outs on people's birthdays to brighten up their day.

Local fish and chips owners Stella and Kostas received a special shout out on day 13. Credit: Facebook @bradleybear

Emma says that she only started it as a little bit of fun but now wants to carry on as "everyone, especially local children, seem curiously delighted with it!"

Emma's husband Paul works tirelessly behind the scenes to make the props and helps out with the stage dressing when Emma is nursing.

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