Coronavirus: Main points on how England is adjusting lockdown rules

After making a national address on Sunday evening, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has published a 50-page document revealing details of the forthcoming plan to gradually ease lockdown restrictions.

ITV Central's presenter Sameena Ali Khan summarises the main points in this explainer video:

How lockdown is adjusting for England:

  • People who are able to work from home, should continue to do so. Boris Johnson told the Commons that 'those who cannot work from home should talk to their employers about returning this week'.

  • Public transport services will be increased "as quickly as possible".

  • The advice is to wear a face-covering, a non-medical mask or scarf in shops and on public transport. If you choose not to, you will not be fined.

  • You can drive to outdoor spaces irrespective of distance, but holidays are still banned.

  • You can play outdoor sports like golf, tennis and basketball with one other person from outside your household. And sunbathing or chatting in parks with one other person is allowed, as long as it's at a two-metre distance.

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